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"Mishima is the musical equivalent of a black and white photograph; conveying artistic elements of style, depth and beauty in the simple bold interplay between shadow and light. Or something like that." The Noise

This may be due to the band's unconventional line-up. Mishima is a Cambridge-based indiepop duo, featuring Arto Payaslian on guitar and lead vocals and Sean O’Brien on drums and backing vox. They have been playing together for nearly two years. Or it may be due to the members' diverse backgrounds. Sean played the Boston club circuit as a teenager in the late '80s, developing an innovative, understated style of drumming. Arto's experience playing the music of two traditions, American pop and Armenian folk music, has led to guitar playing beyond categorization.

Whatever the source, their music is something to be heard. Pop with substance from musicians who know the importance of well-crafted songs. And their live show will leave you wondering how two people can create such a full and dynamic sound.

Mishima has developed a loyal fan base due to their frequent live performances (please see gig list) and recorded its debut seven-inch "Stop Swerving" at Zippah Studios with Pete Weiss, a producer known for his work with Dirt Merchants, Star Ghost Dog, Baby Ray, Willard Grant Conspiracy, and Kustomized. The band is also featured on three compilations (please see Releases). The single has received numerous glowing reviews and is charting well on college radio across the country. It is a limited edition and is selling out fast. You can find out how to get a copy in the Releases section of this site. Acts that Mishima has performed with include: Rufus Wainwright, PJ Olsson, Mark Eitzel, Willard Grant Conspiracy, One Star, The Pacific Ocean, The Clientele, Star Ghost Dog, The Fly Seville, Geoff Farina, Six Going on Seven, Cherry 2000, Fuzzy, Jumprope, Tullycraft, Bunnygrunt, Charlie Chesterman, and others.

They are currently in Longhouse Studios recording their debut full-lentgh record which will be released by Catapult Records in February 2001. Check out Catapult Records and keep your eyes and ears open for material from the record buzzing in the air...

Mishima has been featured in the highly acclaimed "Boston Video Tango" music program, The Noise magazine, the Boston Phoenix, Instant Magazine, Stuff@Night magazine, and various overseas magazines (please see Press).

Mishima was nominated for Best New Band on an Indie Label at the 2000 Boston Music Awards.

Check out Mishima, you won’t be disappointed.

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