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Luther Kent & Trick Bag

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LUTHER KENT & TRICK BAG was one of the most amazing bands to evolve in New Orleans. Charlie Brent was the musical director of the project and sometimes they had more people in the band than most bands have in the audience. You could walk into a little club in the French Quarter and there would be this outrageous 16 piece band churning out the tightest and most impassioned "wall of sound" you ever heard. There was only one voice that could carry that size band, and that was Luther's. But it wasn't the sheer size of the band that was amazing, it was the quality of musicianship that always took you aback. Most of the great New Orleans players have worked with Luther and Charlie's bands over the years. While most people were having a tough time keeping a 4 or 5 piece band together and focused, Charles and Luther had their pick of musicians and performed musical extravaganzas night after night, in little clubs in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Luther's had his dalliances with fame as the lead singer in Blood Sweat & Tears for 3 World Tours, having won national recognition for some of his vocal work on jingles, and having won a role on a major network television pilot COP ROCK. But you can still find him blowing out a club in New Orleans with a band that will sweep you up and a voice that won't turn you loose. Luther Kent is arguably the greatest New Orleans Rhythm & Blues singer alive. Listen to these releases, and judge for yourself.

When BMG Music came to New Orleans to assemble a Louisiana Music Series for European release, they selected 2 of Renegades production on Luther and selected Luther to headline the German Tour. Renegade Records president, Steve Valentino, and Charley Brent had over the years, been making records with Luther and assembled 2 C.D.'s of material for BMG.

"ITS IN THE BAG" is nine selections from the Trick Bag era, with the big Trick Bag band. It's New Orleans Rhythm & Blues at its finest. Johnny Vidacovich was on drums, David Torkanowski was on keyboards, James Rivers made a guest appearance on sax and Lady B.J. was the leader of the background vocal section, which included Barbara Shorts and Shirleen Aubry. Produced by Steve Valentino and Charlie Brent, this project was selected as the centerpiece of the Louisiana Music Series by BMG Music and is now available for U.S. release.

"LUTHER KENT WITH JOHN LEE & THE HERALDS OF CHRIST" represents the more soulful side of Luther's work. This collection of "New Orleans Style" Gospel and Holiday Spirituals features guest appearances by Allen Toussaint and Pete Fountain and is sure to enrich your holidays with the very special spirit of the New Orleans soul. Produced and arranged by Charlie Brent, this release is sure to become a holiday favorite. It's truly heart-warming.

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