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Formed in February of 1993, Counting Casualties is a band with over 40 original songs ranging from heavy grooves to funky or mellow. Let's say you can either move with it or let it move you. Each member has their own influences that have contributed to the overall writing processes of the band. Among them are Peter Murphy & Bauhaus, Metallica, Alice in Chains, Offspring, King Missile, Helmet, Queensryche and many more. Singer Brian Ballantine sings melodiously with a deep, low, and powerful voice. Guitarist Dennis Sheridan is either laying down the riffs with a crunchy guitar sound or playing a more moody clean tone. Bassist Mike Kelly delivers a strong backbone bass line that contributes to the underlying intense feel of the music. Drummer Gary Gust is the key element in the band's rhythm section that is the overall groove in each song. The band has played and recorded in the Columbus, Ohio area and surrounding cities for the past four years and are currently working on another recording project.

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