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Blanks 77

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Mike (vocals) and Chad (drums) decided to start a band in 1991. They found Renee (guitar) through an ad in the paper, and got Brendan to play bass. Never having met Brendan, there's not much I can tell you about him, except that he wasn't interested in being in a full time band (according to Mike). He was replaced by Geoff, (who, again, I don't know), but not before recording the "Up The System" 10", and some of the early 7"'s. Geoff left about three years ago to go to California and join that horrible AFI band. Apparently, he didn't leave on good terms... Now they have Timm on bass, who continued, until recently, to sing and play guitar for the Broken Heroes. Timm plays on the "Killer Blanks" album, and all of the 7"'s that are still available. Sue (manager) knew Chad and Mike from the Pipeline in NJ, and went on the road with them after she returned from a tour with Avail. Together, they've toured back and forth across the country, playing everywhere from Chicago to Omaha. They've also been to Canada and Germany, and then spent six weeks touring around Europe. They've played with the Anti-Nowhere League, The Business, The Dwarves (their collective "favorite band"), Murphy's Law, and countless others.

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