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Alexander O'Neal

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Quixotic, Innovative, Entertaining, Powerful, Original and Sexy-It all adds up to Zappacosta. His career has spanned 20 years, yet we have only caught a glimpse of his talent �until now! From writing for his own production company, to the rock band Surrender, to going solo on his own label, to Evita, Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar, then A-Z, the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack, Quick...Don't Ask Any Questions, Innocence Ballet and now - Dark Sided Jewel, Zappacosta is all this and more.

With Two Junos ("Most Promising Male Vocalist", "Album of the Year") and an American Music Award for "Most Popular Album of the Year" to his credit, Zappacosta and his voice have long been the talk of the music industry. His emotional delivery of a song has been hailed a masterpiece and prestigious artists from all over the world have come to hear him sing. His live performance is spellbinding. From the first notes of a song, he sets the mood and the tone for the evening. His renditions of "I�ll Be The One" and "Me & Mrs. Jones" command complete silence and leaves the audience amazed at the depth of emotion that Zappacosta gives to this art. His latest CD "Dark Sided Jewel" sees Zappacosta maturing even further placing him among one the world�s premier songwriters.

As with any true artist, there comes a time when pure art must take center stage. Zappacosta has stripped away the pop star image and has let his true talent come to the forefront. As he turns the page in his life and his career, Zappacosta comes clean with his true feelings about his music and delivers a powerful statement with his current project.

"The older I got, the more uncomfortable I became." Zappacosta confesses. " There was always elements of what is on the current project in my music. It took a long time to get it together because there were big changes in direction. There was a lot of soul searching going on, but it was also simple. I wanted to get back into a form of music that I knew I was not only capable of doing but also a style of music that would fulfill me both artistically and spiritually. I realized that chasing down fads is really a losing proposition."

The roots of his new sound started when Zappacosta began playing solo before crowds at a Toronto club. Playing only guitar, he explored new harmonies and melodies, later combing rootsy elements such as harmonica and accordion, which eventually manifested itself in a contemporary jazz sound. " The difficult part was finding an audience that was willing to sit and listen to my songs." states Zappacosta. I had to believe that a legitimate artist was allowed to grow and could be appreciated and accepted for producing music that was heartfelt and not what the industry felt was appropriate for the times."

And find an audience he did. During the production of Hair, Zappacosta finalized a distribution agreement with Los Angeles based Sindrome Records and "Innocence Ballet" was released in the United States. The singles "Orlanda", "Show Me", "Lombard Street" "Me and Mrs. Jones" and "Someone" were eagerly picked up by US radio stations. "Innocence Ballet" received enthusiastic airplay-the Gavin Report regards it as "the 4th most added". The sold out audiences throughout the western US embraced Zappacosta. "Innocence Ballet" was picked up by more and more radio stations and CD sales began to rise.

Zappacosta shows no sign of slowing. In 2001, Alfie joined Halifax�s Neptune Theatre production of "Jesus Christ Superstar." Portraying Jesus, Zappacosta played to sold out houses. The musical was a huge success, so much so, that it was held over for four weeks. He will return to the stage to portray Che Guevaera in Edmonton�s production of "Evita" in the spring of 2002 and then return to tour Atlantic Canada.

Zappacosta � artist, musician, actor, songwriter, producer and premier vocalist. He is comfortable and competent in all of these roles and will deliver an evening of entertainment that will not be easy to forget. Do not miss the opportunity to experience Zappacosta. The effect will linger long after you have left the performance.

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