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3rd Echo

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Released on the indie label MPI, 3rd ECHO's debut CD Intimate Exposures, "captures the true emotion of the band, and everything we've been through. It definitely takes you for a ride," explains 3E drummer Vinny Manno. "We were able to rise to the occasion, and produce an exceptional piece of work. Let's just say that it's the product of our rock & roll chemistry," elaborates ECHO bassist/keyboardist Billy Madere.

3rd ECHO was formed in June of 1990 by Manno and Reyes, several years after Reyes moved to New Orleans from New Jersey. After the departure of their first bass player, Madere joined the group in November 1991. The Echo boys have been silently creating a buzz for five years. With songs like "Blame It" and "Absolutely" being featured regularly on local radio shows, the favorable response prompted the recording of their much anticipated CD.

3rd ECHO's Intimate Exposures incorporates all the variable that make up this world rock equation, and then some. Florida's Ink Nineteen writes, "This trio is quite integrated, performing numbers like the instrumental 'Intimate Exposures' and the pop gem 'Hard to Please' with a reckless abandon that is quite charming." Charming, indeed.

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