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Ben Arnold

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BEN ARNOLD is a very prolific and original song crafter in the old school style with a new sense of wit and warmth. His stories are told through honest world-worn lyrics, time-tested weariness, and emotion that any one of us can relate to. Ben possesses an undeniable charm and natural folksy energy, a singular style that succeeds at combining soulful singer-songwriter folk rock with an edgy tone and strong groove. Ben's voice mirrors the style in which he writes - soft and subtle or wailing in full-on rage.

Signed to the hip-hop label Ruffhouse/Columbia in 1995 (for unknown reasons), he released "Almost Speechless," a master work collection of mid-decade, yet timeless, punchy and poignant pop. Well received by the press, but poorly promoted by the label, he ultimately re-joined the ranks of independent artists.

With plenty of material in hand, he slowly but surely completed 1999's "In Case I'm Gone Tomorrow," a compilation of two year's demos and old favorite tunes.

Although for the most part Ben writes on his own, he has worked on a production level with the consistent help and artistry of many other talented people, including:

Barrie Maguire, a founding member of The Wallflowers and a band member and co-producer of Natalie Merchant's Tigerlily CD, as well as many other should-be-knowns.

Producer Ian Cross, credited for his patience and artistic integrity, produced and mixed with Ben on several projects as well. Ian is best known for his work with the Butcher Brothers of Studio 4.

Also on board has been the zany Erik Horvitz, who produced some of the tracks on "In Case..." during some of the most memorable-crazy-hazy sessions ever. He is also responsible for recording one of the fave hometown Philly bands, Huffamoose, as well as many other notable projects.

The current live Ben band includes guitarist and singer Jim Boggia (a fantastic talent in his own right, Jim has gigged and recorded with the likes of Jill Sobule, Amanda Marshall, and Julianna Hatfield, as well as his own retro-lovin' pop band); on bass, producer-singer-brilliant musician dude Scott Bricklin; and fave new drummer... Matty Muir.

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