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Les Bizarroides

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Revelation of the Montreal's Just For Laughs Festival 1993 and Frankfurt's United Slapstick Award 1996 GRAND WINNER, the Bizzaro´des have travelled the world with their original brand of sketch comedy!

Raised improv-theatre, nurtured by comic books, THE BIZZ offer a unique cocktail in the world of comedy.

These four French-Canadians from Montreal were nominated by ADISQ (Quebec entertainement industry association) as the "Best Comedy Show Of The Year 1995" for their show intitled "Sautes d'humour." since then, they have appeared on television shows world-wide... from Berlin to Tokyo!

They will make you laugh whether they perform an act variety or corporate show, or their own 60 minute visual-international show!

Intelligent and always original visual comedy set to musical rhythms... trademark of THE BIZZ!!

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