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Patricia Conroy

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Patricia Conroy is no stranger to the world of country music. Though new to America, she has been a hit in Canada since 1990. As a native of Montreal, Patricia was raised in an environment influenced by both the French culture of her native Quebec and her family's strong Irish roots, which pervade her accent to this day. She speaks fondly of the Celtic music that flowed through her home as a little girl, which ultimately led her to piano lessons and vocal training just a few years later. Conroy explains, "I consider my early years singing with my family, my church and singing acappella as the time when I really got to know my voice."

During those early years, Conroy discovered the music of Emmy Lou Harris, who she cites as her biggest musical inspiration. In her opinion, "Emmy Lou was the first country artist that could rock yet bear sincerity and soul in her music." With this realization, Patricia joined her first band, a country bluegrass outfit named "Homemade Stew." She performed with the group as a background singer, but eventually left to front her own band in 1985 and follow her dream. "It was my destiny," she believes. "I felt I had a gift and I wanted to share it."

In 1990, Conroy released her first album, Blue Angel, for Warner Music Canada. Two years later, she followed with her second release, Bad Day For Trains, which featured the Canadian top 10 hit "My Baby Loves Me" and two number ones, "What Do You Care" and the title track. With this string of hits, Conroy quickly established an intense following throughout Canada. The fruits of this hard labor would eventually result in Patricia being named the Canadian Country Music Association's "Female Vocalist of the Year" for 1994.

Appearances on Music City Tonight in addition to an intense schedule of county and state fair performances, where she shared the stage with American contemporaries Vince Gill and Reba McEntire, prompted a strong response in the states. From the television screen to the concert stage, Conroy initiated contact with the American public, bringing her beautiful Irish-Canadian voice to a new group of fans. Her single, "Somebody's Leavin'," began drawing attention in the U.S., while shooting to number one on the Canadian country hit parade.

"Everyone has been very supportive of our success ... country music fans are family and they are touched by music from the heart," says a sincere Conroy, whose attitude toward the music remains constant. Patricia and her four-piece band have not allowed the growing waves of adulation to change their concept of what it means to be performing musicians. "We have been working at this for ten years," she says in a reflective mood, "and we're still on the same page musically."

Now, with the release of You Can't Resist, Conroy and company are preparing for more touring in support of the album. The work with the band never stops and plans for the next record are already being made. "I would like to work with the same people on the next record and maybe try some new things," she says. By working non-stop, Patricia is constantly honing her singing and songwriting skills, and having a great time in the process. "It's so much fun and we like making music together. What else can you ask for?" With an attitude like that, Patricia Conroy is an artist You Can't Resist!

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