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Pauly Shore

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"I'm the stoniest mop-haired weasel you'll ever witness," says Pauly Shore.

But what does he mean - is that good or bad? Even when you don't understand the Valley dude comedian, he is incredibly funny. His delivery, which is characterized by long pauses in the middle of words, is unique as well. During the early '90s, Shore became a cult god to young Americans by duplicating their language and sound. Today, the surfer/beach bum is still popular and well-known for material expressing his sole pursuits in life - girls, parties and gnarly rock concerts.

"I get paid for screwin' around, you know what I mean?" Shore explains.

He calls himself a "weasel," because he's always flirting, joking and fooling around. It's a talent that comes naturally to him. Shore was born in Hollywood. His father is veteran nightclub comic Sammy Shore, who opened shows for Elvis Presley at the Las Vegas Hilton in the early '70s. His mother, Mitzi, started the famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles. Over the years, the club featured the talent of soon-to-be comic superstars like David Letterman, Jay Leno, Roseanne and Robin Williams.

"I had comics raise me," says Shore. "It's like four hung-over comics would take me to my little league games. They'd be up there in the bleachers, like tryin' to pick up on the moms. And I'd be like, 'Watch me, man. You took me to the game, you know!'"

As the ragged-haired boy got older, he succumbed to the influence of those comedians. In 12th grade, Shore decided to skip his SATs and concentrate on writing material instead. He figured that by the time he graduated, he would be "major buff." Shortly after, Shore got his big break when a video announcer job for MTV led to the "Totally Pauly" show. It debuted in 1990. He introduced songs, took weird field trips and acquired a following of millions of teenaged viewers.

The popularity of his show created many other opportunities. Shore released a comedy album, "Future of America," which gave his views on Hollywood, aerobics and shows like "The Love Connection." He taped a one-hour comedy special called "Pauly Does Dallas" in 1993. He also has been chillin' on the big screen. His first feature film was "Encino Man." It was part of a three-film deal that he signed with Walt Disney Studios and was followed by other box office hits including "Son In Law," "Biodome" and "Jury Duty."

Although at times Shore may seem like someone in a mental fog, he is not afraid to take a stand on controversial issues. For instance, he tries to encourage kids to use condoms and get AIDS tests. Shore even wants broadcasters to realize these messages are not dangerous, but are needed to protect the youth against diseases that can destroy their lives.

"People need to hear the message: Use condoms, have safe sex, get tested, don't take risks," Shore wrote in a column that was printed in the LA Times. "But they need to hear it from some beat-up looking dude who looks like he's had sex...someone like me, who can be a real role model for the average horny kid."

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