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Chalee Tennison

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It�s not simply that Chalee Tennison is a world-class country singer. Nor is it merely that she�s a gifted songwriter. The power of this artist is based on something much more � her charisma is founded on her honesty. In a world of manufactured images, Chalee (pronounced Shuh-LEE) Tennison is the real deal. You can hear that in every note of Parading In The Rain, her DreamWorks Records debut album . These are the songs of a living, breathing woman.

It hardly comes as a surprise when Chalee states: �My music comes from my life. And it means so much to me when fans use words like �real� and �honest.� Those are the values I grew up with. My grandmother taught me to be honest above all else. So what you get from me is the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts.� Indeed, Chalee makes no bones about who she is and who she isn�t. �I can�t be any other way than I am,� she insists.

�I�m 33 years old. I�m not a size two. I�m a mother of three. I�ve been divorced and hurt. I�m a big crier, but I can cry, wipe the tears away and come out fighting. That�s what I�m made of. I�m glad I�ve ended up where I am. I think I�m blessed.� Much of Chalee�s appeal to fans comes from her creative ability to share these bedrock experiences and feelings: �Nothing makes me prouder than to hear someone say, �Oh, I�ve felt that way � that�s me, too, in your song.� We are all kindred spirits.�

And spirits of all sorts have flocked to Chalee Tennison. She has silenced brawlers in the toughest Texas beerhalls and brought Japanese listeners who couldn�t even speak English to tears. Mothers have named babies for her. People have said her performances saved their marriages or served as therapy for other problems. Everyone from George Jones to the cast of the �Grand Ole Opry� has become a Chalee Tennison supporter.

�My whole life is now a �second chance,�� she reflects. �Actually, maybe it�s a third chance � okay, maybe a fourth. Anyway, I�m so happy � I�m constantly jumping up and down inside. All I ever wanted to do was sing, and that�s why I think country music found me. I needed something to hold onto. I needed to find a way to express who I am, the real me, and that�s why this music is so important to me.�

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