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Background Originally formed as an acoustic duo "Strange Folk" in 1991, Strangefolk (now one word) added bass and drums within a year and took to playing the bars in and around the vibrant musical community of Burlington, Vermont. Strangefolk has since built a national grass-roots following based on the strength of three studio CD releases (Lore, Weightless in Water, and the Nile Rodgers produced A Great Long While) as well as a rigorous touring schedule, playing 150-200 gigs a year. The band rounded out its sound further in 2000 by adding keyboards to the lineup. Today the band headlines festivals, clubs and theaters nationwide, and touts a mailing list of over 20,000. Their latest release, Open Road showcases the band's depth, variety and continued growth as songwriters and musicians.

The Music At the heart of Strangefolk's songwriting is a seamless blend of narrative lyrical content and inventive melody. Rock, folk, blues, and bluegrass influences converge to create an instantly recognizable sound, which keeps Strangefolk's listeners moving from start to finish. When punctuated with Strangefolk's trademark three-part harmonies and soaring lead guitars, the band's unique songwriting ability develops a natural avenue for the band to extend themselves in a live setting. The result is one of the more gratifying live music experiences around.

Jon Trafton Vocals, Guitar Articulating the "strange" aspect of Strangefolk, Trafton has developed a highly original and captivating lead guitar style. Jon's playing is both thoughtful and emotionally charged, shifting easily from tasteful accompanying licks during verses to screaming impact when a solo peaks. Jon's songwriting contribution features an intriguing blend of pop, rock and country elements.

Erik Glockler Vocals, Bass Guitar Glockler's style of bass playing is both grounding and melodic. Erik locks down the groove of each song with force, and when the time comes to stretch out live, improvises melodies up and down the frets to complement Trafton. Glockler has penned many Strangefolk tunes, and sings with a raw and textured voice, which lends an edge to the Strangefolk sound.

Luke Smith Drums Luke is a dynamic and intense drummer. Playing a simple five-piece kit, he is able to generate a tremendous amount of drive, adding urgency and excitement to the Strangefolk sound. Jazz influences grace the perimeters of Luke's style. His subtle cymbal work showcases Luke's finesse and adds a myriad of color to Strangefolk's song structures and improvisations. Luke's attuned listening skills enable him to guide Strangefolk through jams while at the same time maintain a rock solid tempo to a given song.

Don Scott Keyboards Don marks the newest addition to the band lineup. He uses styles ranging from jazz and rock to bluegrass and honky-tonk to create blistering solos, rich textures and funky rhythms. Generally considered a "stand up" keyboardist, his passion and energy creates a dynamic performance experience. Swirling keys and Hammond organ combine to lay down a groove or bring songs to an explosive climax. His influences draw from artists like Bruce Hornsby, Oscar Peterson, Brent Mydland, Herbie Hancock and Ray Manzarek to name a few. He plays with a feel and passion that compliments other instruments in a way uniquely his own.

Luke (Patchen) Montgomery Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar With influences like Stephen Stills, Michael Hedges, Cat Stevens and the Beatles, it's no wonder that Luke possesses such a powerful yet tasteful vocal style along with some blazing guitar chops. Luke incorporates open tunings and flat-picking into his playing style, and injects incredible energy and emotion into the band's improvisational jams.

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