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Robert Wells Trio

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Already at the age of seven (1969), Robert Wells had his future outlined before him. He knew exactly where he was going, and he wasn't going to waste any time. After Adolf Fredrik Music School in Stockholm, he continued to be the youngest student ever to graduate from the Royal Swedish Music Academy after four years of studies as a piano soloist.

At the age of sixteen he had won two major national talent contests; one as a soloist and one in improvisation. After the Academy, when Wells turned 20, he started working on building a solid, professional musical platform. Wells was the Musical Director for a number of Swedish performing artists, including working for seven seasons helping new and upcoming artists in talent contests. Working closely with other musicians and artists has helped him develop a special talent to create a tightness and togetherness when playing with others. Maybe this is why he often ends up in jam sessions after a concert.

When he was 25, he had already appeared as the Musical Director of two major TV shows in Sweden, "Kyss Karlsson" and "Hemma hos Lill-Babs." With television came his major breakthrough, and it was time for him to join the star-studded "Stockholm All Stars," a band formed by the most skilled musicians around at that time, including Lasse Wellander and Little Mike. While this enormously popular band toured Sweden Robert Wells had his first hit single, "Upp PΠBerget," where he was also singing. Shortly after that, in 1987, his first solo album was released and he was commissioned to perform in the Swedish finals of The European Song Contest, the largest song contest in the world.

Although constantly busy with performances, he managed to record and release his second solo album, "The Way I Feel," in 1988. Wells' love for classical music had started to show in his work, and after months of rehearsals Robert Wells was ready for his first "Rhapsody In Rock Tour" where his rock group joined with GSvleborgs Symphony orchestra. With acknowledged Director Anders Berglund, guitarist Lasse Wellander and Rutger Gunnarson on base from the former ABBA group, the televised concert tour was an enormous success.

The CD "Rhapsody in Rock" rendered the same appreciation, which showed in sales figures. In 1990, the unusual combination of classical music and rock in a concert performed by a symphony orchestra and a rock group attracted the attention of The Soviet Cultural Ministry. Robert Wells took his "Rhapsody in Rock" to Leningrad and performed with Leningrad Conservatorie Symphonie Orchestra at two concerts in the Glinka Capella Auditorium, the oldest concert hall in Russia. Another concert was held at The Youth Palace in Moscow. The visit was not only a musical success with several TV appearances, but also of valuable political importance in building friendship between countries.

In April 1991 it was time for New York, where Robert performed as a solo pianist three times at the Metropolitan. Back in Sweden he was signed with Air Music Scandinavia for the Asian market. He also finished another album in collaboration with the Swedish "Boogie Woogie" legend Charlie Norman. It was a swinging big band feast.

1992 started with a trip to Barbados and another international music contest. Then he represented Sweden at the World Expo in Seville, Spain. Back home in Stockholm he became the first ever rock musician to play inside The Royal Castle, resulting in sold out performances with his rock group and a symphony orchestra. In 1993 Robert Wells was signed with JVC/Victor for the release of "Rhapsody in Rock," which was followed by a tour in Japan and Hong Kong in October. He continued to make a concert tour with the St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra, including the Stockholm and Helsinki Water Festivals, which were also televised. The release of "Rhapsody in Rock III" came after that. This time featuring young tenor Tito Beltran. Wells' latest achievements include Musical Director of a Swedish, Saturday night TV entertainment series "Tillings Tilja." And the release of a CD in Finland, giving tribute to classical Finnish music, followed up by TV performances and a concert tour ending 1994. Ahead lies a tour in Norway.

A new CD with Charlie Norman was released in Nov 96. A lot of Boogie-Woogie and also ABBA´s ”Ring Ring”. Together with Tito Beltrán they were invited to Santiago de Chile in December. It was the first visit for the Swedish Royalties with concerts at the Moneda Palace.

12 programs for Swedish Television were a big success with a musical quiz with pop and jazz music. More broadcasting occurred in winter 98, 30th November thru 3 December. Wells trio entertained in New York at the Waldorf Astoria, for the Swedish-American Chamber of commerce.

A new single ”Santa Maria”, spanish style, was released in November of 97.

More programs of the musical quiz were a huge success. Nearly 40% of the Swedish people could see it every Friday on prime time, and more quizzes are to come in Spring 99.

The Rhapsody In Rock Summer tour was recorded both for PBS in USA and Swedish television.

The new album, ”Rhapsody In Rock Complete” was released in Sweden the 11th of September. It contains 20 melodies of the combination of Rock and Classical influences: Grieg, Verdi, Tchaikovsky and his own pieces.

A PBS tour around the United States with the concert from Dalhalla in Sweden will happen in 99.

A new Major tour in Scandinavia to come, Summer of 99, ”Rhapsody In Rock Complete Tour 99”.

Finally, Robert Wells expresses: "I want to help the classical audience understand and enjoy the rock music and vice versa. Music has no boundaries!"

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