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Marcia Wallace

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Marcia Wallace is best known for her roles as the irreverent and witty receptionist on "The Bob Newhart Show," the Neighbor Lady on "Full House", as the voice of Bart Simpson's beleaguered fourth-grade teacher, Ms. Krabapple, and her Emmy nominated performance on "Murphy Brown".

Today, however, she is playing a much different role, that of a courageous and inspiring breast cancer survivor.

Wallace was diagnosed with the disease in 1985. Since that time and her subsequent recovery, she has become a nationally prominent leader of the movement of women who are refusing to wait passively for a cure for this silent and scarring disease. In May 1994, Wallace and several other female celebrities - including Jill Eikenberry, Shirley Temple Black, and Linda Ellerbee - were featured on the cover of "Life Magazine" for their story, "Fighting Back Against the Breast Cancer Epidemic".

Rather than just accepting her doctor's analysis that she needed a full mastectomy, Wallace "did her homework" and opted instead for a lumpectomy - a much less scarring and painful procedure in which the malignant lump, not the entire breast, is removed.

Wallace's humorous, warm, and highly informative presentation is: "A Voice of Hope: Marcia Wallace Fights Back". Wallace inspires her audiences to re-think the implications of being diagnosed with breast cancer and to perceive themselves as fighters, not as victims, of the disease. Above all, by sharing her own story of coping with the disease, Wallace hopes to encourage women to become informed about prevention, detection, and treatment of breast cancer.

Her presentation is a must for women facing this life threatening disease. In her presentation, she also speaks poignantly about her role as care giver to her husband Denny, who succumbed to pancreatic cancer.

Wallace is a highly experience and polished speaker who ahs addressed many audiences. In addition to her work on behalf of breast cancer education, she has also worked with crippled children using creative dramatics and role-playing techniques.

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