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The extraordinary live show of the progressive metal band Queensryche is captured on the new DVD 'The Art of Live' scheduled for release by Sanctuary Records on April 20, 2004.

'The Art of Live' was filmed in summer and fall 2003 on Queensryche's tour promoting the Sanctuary studio album 'Tribe.' The summer tour was a co-headlining run with Dream Theater.

Vocalist Geoff Tate, guitarist Michael Wilton, guitarist Mike Stone, bass guitarist Eddie Jackson and drummer Scott Rockenfield perform Queensryche classics, the finest 'Tribe' songs and a cover encore of The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" featuring Dream Theater.

The songs on 'The Art of Live' include: "Tribe," "Sign of the Times," "Open," "Losing Myself," "Desert Dance," "Great Divide," "Rhythm of Hope," "My Global Mind," "Roads to Madness," "Della Brown," "Breaking the Silence," "The Needle Lies," "Best I Can" and "Won't Get Fooled Again."

Queensr˙che is a progressive metal band, originally from Bellevue, Washington. Labeled as "the thinking person's metal band", Queensr˙che gives us what fans have affectionately called R˙chean Wisdom. Queensr˙che doesn't just make music for our enjoyment...they give us food for our souls as well.

In 1981, Chris DeGarmo, Michael Wilton, Scott Rockenfield and Eddie Jackson were all performing together in a band known then as The Mob. During 1981, The Mob was slated to perform at Metalfest '81, along with several other bands, one of which was Babylon, Geoff Tate's progressive band. However, The Mob didn't have a vocalist. Eventually they gathered their courage and asked Geoff Tate to sing with them for the festival.

Having been well received at the festival, The Mob set out to develop a rigorous schedule of practices and ultimately scheduled a recording session at Triad Studios. Still lacking a singer, Geoff Tate (then with Myth) agreed to sing for the sessions.

In 1982, The Mob signed a management contract with Easy Street Records, but Geoff still was not interested in becoming a part of them. Instead, he signed a contract that would give him compensation if The Mob went on and got a record deal with his voice and image. It was at this time that the name The Mob was done away with, and they finally decided upon Queensr˙che, taken from the song Queen of the Ryche, only because they could not come up with any other name.

Their manager went on to send copies of their demo to contacts at Kerrang! magazine, resulting in a review of their tape. After an incredible review was published, demand for the demo was skyrocketing and Easy Street Records had the 206 Label pressing of the EP done. After phenomenal airplay and sales, Geoff Tate finally realized that he should give up Myth and sign up with Queensr˙che.

June 29 & 30, 1983 Queensr˙che got their big break. They opened for Zebra at Paramount Theater. A week later, the band was signed to a major recording contract with EMI-America.

Queensr˙che 1983

Since 1983, Queensr˙che has blown us away with astonishing releases:

1983: Queensr˙che was re-released by EMI (EP) 1984: The Warning (album) 1985: Live in Tokyo (video) 1986: Rage for Order (album) 1988: Queensr˙che (EP) re-released including Prophecy 1988: Operation: Mindcrime (album) 1989: Operation: Mindcrime (video) 1990: Empire (album) 1991: Operation:Livecrime (boxset) 1992: Building Empires (video) 1994: Promised Land (album) 1996: Promised Land CD-ROM Game (Interactive CD-ROM) 1997: Hear in the Now Frontier (album) For those unfamiliar with Queensr˙che, the album Empire, and more particularly the song "Silent Lucidity" boosted their leap into the charts. Several more singles were released from Empire, and videos for Silent Lucidity, Empire, & Jet City Woman all got play on MTV.

To Queensr˙che fans, however, Operation: Mindcrime is more revered. This release has been highly acclaimed and likened to The Wall and Tommy. Operation: Mindcrime tells us the story of Dr. X, who has established the Underground Revolution to rid the nation of the corrupt politicians, and Nikki who has been recruited by Dr. X and has now become their hit man.

For many die-hard fans, Queensr˙che isn't just's a philosophy...almost a religion. Open your mind and give them a listen.

In a somewhat shocking statement issued to Empires on January 27, 1998 and released to everyone via the next day, we have been told that Chris DeGarmo has decided to depart from the band. This, however, is not the end of Queensr˙che. They have continued on, working on their next album, and we are told that the material is nearly 100% written. Michael Wilton and Eddie Jackson have picked up where Chris' writing left off (Chris' writing OR performance does not appear on this album) and straight from the lips of the Tate family, it's a heavier album all around.

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