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Point Break

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You might have felt the ground shudder when POINT BREAK's irrepressible debut single 'DO WE ROCK' crash landed into the UK Top 30 last year. Then Brett , Ollie, and Dec blew you away with their awesome second single 'Stand Tough', which reached an incredible no.7 in the uk national charts, and of course ' FREAKYTIME', which many of you would now know slammed into the chart at no.13! These tracks were once again written by the band, and produced by Metro - the production team behind 'Do We Rock', Cher's phenomenal success, new singles by Jennifer Lopez, Tina Turner, and Diana Ross, and described in Billboard as 'The most in demand producers in the world'. Months of touring schools and clubs has paid off for POINT BREAK. Their reward for this hard work is a chance to perform their electric live show in front of massive audiences on the mammoth sold-out STEPS arena tour followed by the SMASH HITS tour later in the year. Dates that were definitely worth putting in your diary!

Brett and Ollie (ex-members of the nations favorite youth club BYKER GROVE - characters Noddy and Marcus respectively), have known each other for years and decided to form the band after taking great encouragement from their numerous victories in BYKER GROVE karaoke competitions. The duo became a trio after Declan was spotted on a talent spot on THIS MORNING with Richard and Judy. An excited Brett and Ollie got on the phone straight away knowing that they had found the perfect third member of the group. With a great voice, and flair for playing the guitar, piano, and even the flute (!) Dec immediately hit it off with the lads and joined the line up.

Don't you know that this is the beginning....

Special Thanks must go to all the school's that have allowed them to appear ( too numerous to list, but you know who you are!! ), all the radio stations that believe in us - and of course the WEA Records team (Steve, Katie and EVERYONE else involved), production team (Brian, Graham and Mark) and remixers ..... (Cheers New Decade for your remixes!!) and the list is still growing !!!

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