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Pelvic Delta

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In 1993 FRANKIE HILL and Texas born, slide guitar player GRANT TYE conducted experiments mixing Grant's swampy intoxicating Delta mood with funky urban beats. With the addition of the Wah-Wah guitar soul rhythms of STEVIE BUTLER, (Son of legendary Chicago R&B singer Stevie Robinson) , PELVIC DELTA was born. The band did some dates in '93 with STEVIE and GRANT handling the vocals in a Texas/Soul vocal-rap mix. But, with the success of LIQUID SOUL's debut CD and their major label signing, Frankie's involvement with LIQUID SOUL grew to a full-time endeavor and PELVIC DELTA was shelved for several years. In the fall of 1997, Frankie left LIQUID SOUL to run his label NoVo Records, taking time to jam with PELVIC DELTA mates on JUNGLE/DUB and SOUL loops over at BUBBLEHAUS studio in Chicago. On just the second session, in walked the stunning AMI SARAIYA and PD's world changed. American born but of Indian descent, AMI adds to the multiethnic influences with her luxurious Indian modality and a sensual trip-hop meets Billie Holiday vocal style.

PELVIC DELTA HAS HEADLINED METRO, THE DOUBLEDOOR, MARTYR'S and THE NOTE in Chicago as have made numerous Midwest college appearances. PELVIC DELTA can be heard on the compilation CRT/Grooves '99 along with LIQUID SOUL, RUBBEROOM, TERRY CALLIER and others.

CHECK OUT PD's debut album release "Heavy Moon" on NoVo

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