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Ozzy Osbourne

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Think about a legend. Think about a creative legend. The about a creative legend who pioneered an entire genre of music. And think about a legend who will not stop pioneering or creating.

You can put the coolness of MTV Land and Lollapalooza back in the trendy freezers where they belong, because Ozzy Osbourne is all about thousands upon thousands of real people who love a great time letting go. Getting crazy. Hearing the very best loud and heavy music there is to hear. And not being enslaved like sheep to the new trends and rules.

Ozzy wrote the rules, and as he says every night, they run something along the lines of "do whatever the fuck you like." And Ozzy's brain never stops ticking, never stops moving forward, and history has established that much as 100% fact.

When he, and three other men from Birmingham, England called Tony Iommi, Bill Ward and Geezer Butler recorded an album titled "Black Sabbath" in one week, no-one could've foretold the effect it was to have on generations to come. "Black Sabbath" the album became an enormous success. Black Sabbath the band blew minds with releases such as "Paranoid", "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath", "Masters of Reality" and "Vol. 4", creating a path faithfully adored by many bands from Nirvana to Metallica.

It was 1978 when Black Sabbath and Ozzy parted company with a haze of excesses clouding everybody's judgement.

But you cannot stop Ozzy from breaking new ground. Because Ozzy Osbourne cannot make clinically calculated moves, he can only follow his own creative heart.

So it was while sitting on the floor of a Hollywood hotel room in 1978, Ozzy started to pull the pieces of his life back together. He found a musical soul-mate in Randy Rhoads, and with it he found a new will and resolve to come back stronger than ever. His solo career was launched with the release of 'Blizzard Of Ozz' in 1981, and with it came the likes of 'Crazy Train', 'Suicide Solution' and 'Mr. Crowley' to elevate Osbourne to legendary status once more.

His carefree antics and searing energy saw him survive the loss of Rhoads in a fatal plane accident in 1982, and continue to break bigger ground with songs like 'Bark At The Moon', 'Rock'N'Roll Rebel' and the 1986 single from 'The Ultimate Sin' album that saw Ozzmania burst to the top of the American charts 'Shot In The Dark.'

1991 saw the turning point of Ozzy's career. With many of his contemporaries dying due to lack of creative nourishment, and Ozzy himself staring into an abyss increasingly dominated by a lifestyle of abuse, he took charge.

Put a stop to it. Ceased to drink. Started a diet. Got a Lifecycle. Invited a younger, fresher, fitter and rejuvenated Ozzy Osbourne to come out and play. Retired the previous version.

The resultant 'No More Tears' album became his biggest ever seller in America. With over 2 million copies sold, his 18 month world tour saw consistent 2.5 hour marathon sets and his legend entertained a whole slew of new followers enjoying the Ozzy energy alongside his die-hardcore followers. And 1995's 'Ozzmosis' only furthered the reinvention.

You shouldn't be surprised that Ozzy Osbourne pulled it off. Just remember once again, that he's always looking to find something new and different to do.

This is the man who has consistently found the best guitarists in rock'n'roll, including the late, great Randy Rhoads in 1980 (a player who re-wrote the rules of guitar playing with his extraordinary innovation and talent).

This is the man who has broken more major acts by inviting them on arena tours when their U-hauls were barely big enough to carry them, from Metallica to Korn, from Motley Crue to Type O Negative to Sepultura.

And this is the man who to millions of people worldwide remains THE legend. With over 65 million albums sold worldwide. With consistently one of the top 5 most successful tours in the world. With a dedication and level of performance that insures Ozzy Osbourne still remains at the top of the tree.

This Summer Ozzy will take out the Ozz-Fest '97 event, a festival, a top notch rock'n'roll show and an experience all extravaganza for 12 hours every day. Born last year, the Ozz-fest came about because Ozzy Osbourne got tired of all the cool/alt/wimp shows that were limping around the globe. The line-up will see the likes of Pantera, Marilyn Manson and Black Sabbath play before Ozzy himself closes the show.

And as you scroll, Ozzy's buried in the heart of Los Angeles working on his next album scheduled for the Fall of '97. 13 of his most popular songs will be released alongside three brand new compositions in a greatest hits record. Surprises? Don't ever bet against them in the World Of Ozz.

Because Ozzy Osbourne's life is never quiet. Or uneventful. It hasn't been for over 25 years. And it's not about to change now...

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