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The Osmond Brothers

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Back on the road again...

The Osmond Brothers (Wayne, Merrill & Jay) are no strangers to the road. The Osmonds are one of the most well-known entertainment families in the world. Their example of an unfailing belief in God and family, along with a wide-range of talent, creates the unique combination that has led to the tremendous success of the Osmonds. They've spent over forty years working together as a family and entertaining audiences all over the world, giving them the accomplishment of the longest running group in history. Their spirit of dedication and loyalty to the craft is felt, and reciprocated, by their equally dedicated, and loyal following. It is this same spirit they bring to their many music styles.

The Osmond Brothers' career began in "Barbershop" as young boys, and it is that familiar harmonizing that has become the "signature" on their music. They skillfully play 28 musical instruments among them; dance, write music, and create an electricity between stage and audience, that can only be felt during an Osmond performance. The Osmond family has collectively been awarded 47 gold and platinum records. They surpassed both Elvis' and the Beatles' best single year success by being honored with nine gold records in 1971.

The Osmond Brothers have created a niche all their own in the field of entertainment. Their remarkable success with Pop, Rock & Roll, Country, and Gospel music, has enabled them to touch audiences both young and old, and every age in between. Mastering this variety of musical genres, is the contributing factor, that has seen the Osmonds' tremendous success in television, recording, and concert performances. Sold-out engagements from Vegas to the U.K. have been synonymous with the name "Osmond" since their early years in the entertainment business.

The lyrics to "Back on the Road Again" (co-written by Wayne, Merrill, Jay, and Brother Alan), echo the brothers' thoughts on hitting the road - "anywhere is my home…coming to see a friend." The brothers are as at home on the road as they are performing for the record-breaking crowds at the Osmond Family Theater in Branson, Missouri. The audiences who come to see the Osmonds not only see a world class show, but leave feeling they truly have come to see their friends. It's that charismatic interaction the brothers have with people, that make audiences come back, show after show.

Wayne Osmond is the second oldest to the original performing Osmond Brothers. Wayne highlights the brothers' sound with his rich deep voice, often featured as lead on songs such as "You've Lost That Lovin Feelin" by the Righteous Brothers, or gospel numbers such as "Swing Low Sweet Chariot."

Wayne is very musical and plays a variety of musical instruments including clarinet, sax and guitar. He's also accomplished his share of songwriting - together with brothers Alan, Merrill, and Jay; he composed the lyrics and music for the group's 1974 album "The Plan," which they describe as a "statement of belief."

Merrill Osmond, the middle son of nine children in the Osmond Family, has spent his entertainment career as the Osmond Brothers' lead singer. In collaboration with his brothers, Merrill has written the music and lyrics for five number one hit records and contributed vocally and instrumentally to the group's collective 27 gold records - many of which he shared the production credits.

Merrill's experience in providing great entertainment for audiences, has enabled him to develop important skills in working with people from all aspects of the industry. Merrill's hand in producing special events and festivals was also lent to a special and memorable event, when Merrill produced the "Making of an Inauguration" for President Ronald Regan. Inexhaustible energy, creative thinking, decisive management skills, and charismatic performing abilities, are all trademarks of Merrill Osmond.

Jay Osmond went from the little guy, stopping his performance to pick up coins the crowd threw, to a polished and multi-talented performer with the drive and tenacity that has kept The Osmonds a "household" name for over forty years.

Jay is the youngest of the original Osmond Brothers group, with a career in entertainment that started at the tender age of two and a half. Jay says he was about eight years old when he learned to play the drums, and learn to play he did. During the 70's, Jay was voted one of the top 10 drummers in the country. In 1972 when Jay shared the lead with brother Merrill in "Crazy Horses," that single skyrocketed to being the Osmonds' best selling single overseas.

Early 2001, ABC aired a made-for-television movie about the Osmond family, entitled “Inside The Osmonds.” This movie delved into the ups and downs that came with the family’s rise to stardom. Most importantly, it showed their ability to remain a close-knit, strong-valued family.

Each individual's unique blend of style and talent, has combined to create the diversity which sets them apart from other entertainment groups. Their audiences have grown with them, many of whom stem back to the days fondly remembered as "Osmondmania." That hysteria caused by those teenaged boys has evolved into a genuine love and respect, deserving of "entertainment icons" who have stayed true to themselves, their religion, their audience, and the talents they still share with us today.

The Osmond Brothers back on the road again...

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