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Moxy Fruvous

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Moxy Fruvous: David Matheson, Jean Ghomeshi, Murray Foster, and Michael Ford. They present an eclectic sound which ranges from urban to acapella, from the Beatles to Beck, from Middle Eastern to North American. Organized in Canada, the band is now beginning to tour in the United States.

David Matheson - (guitar, accordion, piano) David Matheson also answers to Dave, Dave-o, Mr. Cheese, and --a title with a bit more distinction-- the King of Spain. Born February 17, 1966, Dave is reputed to have been able to play an accordion before he could walk. His instrumental repertoire also includes --but likely isn't limited to-- guitar, percussion, keyboard and the notoriously untuneable banjo. And don't let that calm, laid-back demeanor fool you: underneath lurks an unrepentant and irrepressible punster!

Mike Ford - (guitar, percussion, piano) If Dave is the punster, Michael Ford may well be the pundit of the group. He's quite the old hand at this performing gig, senior to the others by a few years (born September 27, 1962), and a married man (to Terri, on May 11, 1996). All innovation and no inhibition on stage, Mike's alter-ego credits also include Spiderman, Grampa Fruvous, and Lou Reed. Of the four Frulads, he's probably the most liable to leap from the stage to tango with his audience, craft a new song to an old folk melody, or regale the crowd with a few lines in Francais. His instruments of choice include guitar, harmonica, keyboard, drums and the megaphone.

Jian Ghomeshi - (drums, percussion, tin whistle) Jian Ghomeshi is given to wearing his heart on his sleeve --or at least his passions on his chest, with provocative slogans and bon mots on his shirts. He's primus inter pares when it comes to discoursing on social and political issues with the audience, especially concerning Fruvous' home province of Ontario. He's also likely to break into anything from snippets of musicals to lounge music to Beatles classics. You might find him relatively stationary at his drum set or playing guitar or tin whistle, but in the a cappella songs --and particularly as Sam-I-Am-- he'll be dashing about the stage, exhorting the audience to sing and dance along. He was born on June 9, 1967 to a family of Iranian heritage.

Murray Foster - (bass) Murray Foster, sometimes dubbed Mur or the Mur-man, is the master of the low end. He'll occasionally take on the guitar or percussion, but he's far more likely to be playing bass, and it's his rich bass voice rounding out the vocal harmonies. He brings up the pack, age-wise, with his birthday on June 29, 1967. Given to the pithy comment and the wry chuckle, Murray often seems somewhat like a stabilizing factor when Fruvous' antics and impromptu jams drift a bit far from the set list. In fact, you might think of Murray as the anchor of the group --at least, until he throws his bass in the air.

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