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Modern English

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Modern English is back. And why shouldnít they be? They had the guts and energy to bash their way through Londonís punk explosion. They had the nerve to write uncompromising political anthems. They had the pop smarts to unleash "I Melt With You," inarguably one of the most enduring songs of the 80ís. Over one million radio plays attest to the songís staying power

Contrary to the cynical opinion, the 80ís were not all one horrifying concoction of John Hughes movies, skinny ties, mullet haircuts, and MTV dependent synthesizer wimps. Modern English perhaps typifies the best of the era, an undeniable explosion of melodic pop springing up from its primitive punk roots.

In this "here today gone tomorrow" pop culture, itís no accident that Modern English has survived where many have come and gone. And soon, very soon, the world will be holding the new Modern English CD "Soundtrack."

Recently signed to indie label APG Music, Modern English has been recording in England with the prolific and talented Hugh Jones in the producerís chair. Itís not often one gets to hear bone rattling noise as well as pop euphoria from the same band. Listen to the new Modern English. Feel the history. Hear the future.

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