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Curt was in Tears for Fears from 1982-1990. Thankfully he got out. He splits his time between New York City and Los Angeles with his wife Frances, his cat Sam, and a Macintosh. The sole purpose of the Macintosh is to offset the commonly held belief that Curt is perfect. He is an avid jogger and placed in the top 7% of runners in the 1996 New York City Marathon, but was not able to run in the 1997 Marathon due to a cumulative back injury (tsk tsk). When not jogging, making music, or schmoozing, he reads books, shows up at the same restaurant where I'm eating, and plays around on the net.

Charlton Pettus co-produced Mayfield's album. He and his wife Alex had their first baby in September 1997; this might explain why he got a haircut and now wears sweaters. Charlton has done extensive work with another great NYC band, Marry Me Jane; he co-wrote many of the songs on their first album and wrote and co-produced their second album, "Tick. Charlton, thanks to the Zerodiscettes, now soothes his daughter to sleep with the soulful sounds of The Graduate.

Russ Irwin has toured with Aerosmith and Eddie Van Halen, and had a solo album out a few years ago. Doug Petty, not to be confused with his brother Dan Petty from Marry Me Jane, plays the keyboards. Shawn Pelton and Rich Pagano split drumming duties for Mayfield. Shawn can be seen weekly on a show which is now cool and funny again, Saturday Night Live - he's the house band drummer. Rich Pagano is the drummer for Marry Me Jane and played drums on several of Mayfield's album songs as well as some of Mayfield's recent shows.

Curt remains proud of his accomplishments with Tears For Fears but has no interest in reliving the pain he endured with his old band. "I had the feeling in my heart that it wasn't what I wanted to do. It was either: Do as I'm told or leave. Well, I'm just not big on doing what I'm told. The process of recording the 'Seeds Of Love' album was pretty bad. Somewhere along the line you realize that the whole idea of making music in the first place is to enjoy it. The joy of a record deal when you first sign one is, 'Wow! I get to tour around the world and make records and someone is going to give me money for it? That's cool!' But when it's like, 'I'm really not enjoying it but I've got to keep doing it. There's a thousand other jobs I could be doing and enjoying more' - that's got to tell you something. The music was kicked out of me and I think that's why it took a few years for me to really come back. It brought back all of those painful memories. That didn't change until I allowed myself a few years to let it come naturally. Now I'm enjoying it again because I'm doing it for all the right reasons."

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