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Lynette Koyana

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Lynette Koyana has just released her latest single "Kissing You Goodbye", which has been receiving steady air-play for the past several weeks on nearly all of Sweden's pop stations. Her album "Hugs and Tags" (Vibrafon/MNW) will be released this fall. The kick-off will begin with a promotion tour in Japan where she has already sold over 50,000 of her previous albums.

Lynette has backed-up Tom Jones on his album "Reload" as well as on his latest single “Motherless Child”. Lynette Koyana was born in East London, South Africa, and first moved to Sweden at the age of four. When she was 13 her family decided to move back to South Africa, and they settled down in Lesotho. To return after such a long time wasn't the easiest thing to do, so when Lynette turned 21 she went back to Sweden for good. She was admitted at the dance academy in Stockholm and studied there for three years.

Lynette's musical career started off when she phoned up Ahmadu Jah, went to an audition, got the job as a background vocalist and toured with his band for two years. In 1988 Lynette felt it was time to try something new and moved to Malmö in the south of Sweden. Pretty soon she got in to the local music scene and started singing in different bands.

One day a friend of her flat mate’s came by and overheard Lynette singing in her room. He really liked what he heard, and since he was looking for a singer he offered her a spot as vocalist, in a project of his that went by the name Divine Dennis. The friend was Tore Johansson, and together with some other Malmö musicians he had built the (now almost world-famous and 1998 Swedish Grammy-awarded) Tambourine Studios. Around this point in time, Tore had just received a first demo from The Cardigans, a now internationally chart-topping band he until this day produces everything by and has received a 1999 Swedish Grammy for, but that is of course a different story. Shortly thereafter Divine Dennis led to another project and the band Lady Lynette & The Spokesmen was formed. The Spokesmen provoked the launch of Vibrafon Records. They released some singles and an album, toured Japan and sold loads of records. For no particular reason the band then split up, and the artist became Lady Lynette. Her second album was blessed with rave reviews and strengthened her position as a soul singer. After hearing it, British pop group Saint Etienne decided to come to Tambourine to record their 1998 album "Good humor".

During the work on her third album together with Tore Johansson, the "lady" was dropped and she is now simply Lynette Koyana. English artist and songwriter Bryan Powell, of Talkin' loud fame, has also contributed songs to the 2000 album "Hugs and Tags".

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