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Hot Hot Heat

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Formed in 1999 in the seemingly improbable locale of Victoria, British Columbia (perhaps the launch of a new British (Columbian) invasion?), Hot Hot Heat have, in their relatively short life-span, metamorphosed in a way coincidentally implicit in the elemental dynamism of their name. Heat as force of change. Hot Hot Heat have transformed from within the confines of their tense, angular synth-rock beginnings while losing none of their sense of urgency. Combining ‘60s mod rock, ‘70s prog and ‘80s new wave/punk, these four have created their own style of danceable pop oddities. And, more to the point, Hot Hot Heat are genuinely fun, with a capital F-U-N. Responses to the band often cite such varied influences as the quirks of early XTC, the solid, blues-based rhythms of Led Zeppelin or the melodic hooks of The Cure. Equally apt, these disparate touchstones give an indication of Hot Hot Heat’s sources of inspiration and unique synthesis.

After the past 3 years of building up a loyal following, through playing shows in their hometown and around the northwest (or southwest if you’re Canadian…) with the likes of Vue, The Locust, Dub Narcotic Sound System, Pretty Girls Makes Graves, and others, Hot Hot Heat have learned to embrace their subversive nature and challenge their listeners. Hot Hot Heat’s debut release for Sub Pop, Knock Knock Knock, produced in part by Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie, builds on the complexity and attention to detail of their four previous releases, but focuses on merging their raw energy with melody and danceability. Hot Hot Heat are currently preparing for an extensive North American tour this summer, and for the release of their upcoming Sub Pop full-length.

Steve Bays - vocals, keyboards Dante DeCaro - guitar Paul Hawley - drums Dustin Hawthorne - bass

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