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Geoff Moore

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With four straight Grammy Award nominations for Rock Gospel album and a string of No.1 radio hits throughout the last decade, Geoff Moore chose at the height of his success to take some time off for an introspective look at life and has emerged with a new style, new lyrics, a new look and new lease on life on his ForeFront Records first-ever, self-titled project, Geoff Moore.

“This is a natural progression of what it means to have lived a few more years,” Moore explains, “and learned from my experiences, what it means to have failed and succeeded, what it means to have taken a good, hard look at the life that I’ve lived so far.”

With themes of grace, perseverance, compassion and charity, friendship and love, Moore delivers a multifaceted, yet back-to-basics acoustic sound, built upon compelling melodies that showcase his distinctive, impassioned voice.

Fans of Geoff Moore know of this Michigan native’s 10-plus year run with his rock band The Distance and his award winning song collaborations with his best friend Steven Curtis Chapman. While The Distance has disbanded and Moore has moved on to the next season of his musical career, the songwriting collaborations with Chapman have not only continued, but also strengthened.

On this new project, Moore and his buddy Chapman co-wrote three of the 11 songs, even performing one as a duet. The song “Thanks To You” is filled with the fun and joy of a true friendship, and even adds a little behind-the-scenes humor as Gospel Music Association Dove Award winning producer Monroe Jones (Chris Rice, Third Day) kept some of the original studio fun in the mix. Moore and Chapman met in the early 80’s when Moore sang on a demo for one of Chapman’s new songs. Chapman liked Moore’s voice and Moore liked Chapman’s songwriting. The friendship grew. Chapman has recorded several songs co-written with Moore as well, including the No.1 songs “Speechless,” and “The Great Adventure,” which brought the songwriting duo the 1993 Dove Award for Song of the Year.

Geoff Moore not only reflects Geoff’s friendships and musical talents; it also depicts the state of his heart. As a husband of 16 years and a father of two boys just entering adolescence, Moore’s recent time off to recharge and reconnect with his family after touring so solid for so long brought him back to a focus of what truly matters – a rediscovery of the simple life. This is reflected in Moore’s new songs from the love song, “With You,” written to his wife Jan, to the gentle reminders of “String Around My Finger,” and “Belong.”

“Writing for this record,” Moore describes, “I was constantly reminded of how much we are loved and provided for, and how little we truly deserve it. We so often forget the faithfulness of God’s heart, and as humans we constantly need to be reminded of how he pursues us. I never want to forget the wonder of his perfect love.”

The wisdom of Moore’s years on the road continues to come to life with “Through It,” and his great love of the outdoors is apparent in “Out Here.” Moore is an avid fisherman, hunter, camper, and hiker, and continually encourages those he comes in contact with to “take a moment in this fast-paced, technology driven world to steal away to where you are surrounded only by what God has created. I can’t tell you enough how important those moments can be to help us see what really matters in this life we are living.”

This is evident in the charitable work that Moore remains tuned into including appearances and endorsements for an international children’s organization Compassion International, and Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship ministry reaching out to those who are incarcerated, and lending hope to their families.

Moore began his career in music while singing for the first time with a friend in a college dorm room at Taylor University in Upland, IN. What was then a fluke turned out to be a lauded career that has reached out to hundreds of thousands of youth and adults around the globe, spreading a consistent message of love, hope and life. Geoff Moore promises to do more of the same. The poignant lyrics set to flowing melodies enter the ears of the listener and come to rest in the center of their heart.

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