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Even before the release of a first album critics have unanimously hailed their music with phrases such as “very inventive,” "catchy" "rare naturalness" and “they play and write great songs.”

Their first demo was praised by Gaffa (the foremost Danish Pop/Rock magazine) as “Demo of the Month” and their debut at the Spot 06 festival was an immediate success. Envelope has already played at most of the radio stations in Denmark as well as on "Go’ Morgen Danmark, the equivalent of "Good Morning America" on Danish National TV earlier this year, and has been invited to venues through- out the European continent – all before even releasing a first album.

What makes Envelope’s sound unique? Most probably the fact that the four members are all extremely talented musicians with a firm commitment to making music that turns them on rather than making music that they hope might turn on the masses.

It’s quickly apparent from listening to a handful of their songs that the key to their success is the careful blending of styles borrowed from bossa nova, rock and jazz to Eastern, and Amer/Euro – pop, which are skillfully woven together with the common thread of good taste. Instead of rejecting ideas that don’t fit the proverbial mould, Envelope is constantly evolving its “style” while retaining the basic elements that provide the basis of their characteristically alternative harmonies and easy flowing melodies. Tie all this together with happy-go-lucky, slightly ironic, touchingly naïve, but refreshingly relevant lyrics and you’ve got a pop band that is on the cusp of international success. In other words, Envelope is a great pop act with a lot of depth.

The story of Envelope probably begins in 1993, when Christoffer Høyer met former Envelope keyboardist Daniel Sarstedt at the University of Copenhagen. They were brought together by their mutual interest in literature, poetry and beer.

In the spring of 1998, Christoffer had isolated himself in his apartment for one and a half years in order to concentrate on writing songs. It was just at that time that he began the auditions that eventually led him to find Morten Ravn and Jesper Holm. For a long time, Daniel had been occupied by another band, but when it broke up he became available; thus, the band Envelope was conceived in the course of that spring. Guitarist Jeppe Kjellberg, (pronounced: Yebbe Ugogetthebeer), is the latest addition to Envelope.

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