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Dum Dums

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Josh: lead vocals and guitar Steve: bass and backing vocals Stuart: drums and backing vocals

You may be wondering where they got thier name from (or maybe not after looking at them) , but they actually got thier name from an american brand of lollipop called 'dumdums' and they now have some sort of deal with the makers of dumdums , so they get them free to throw at people during thier gigs! They may look like a boy band at first but thier music will make any boy band cry from shame. Its not rock , indie or pop but more like a mixture of the best bits from all three and they've also been described as 'very american' sounding. Not supprising really seeing as Josh lived as a teenager in america where he came to love american grunge bands such as soundgarden , nirvanna and pearl jam. Steve grew up in amsterdam where he learnt to speak dutch and fuck knows where stu came from..... Josh and Stu met an university studying clasical music which they both quit and after that they formed thier own band called the dumdums and went in search of a bass player. After ages of searching for thier pefect bass player josh spotted some bloke (steve) wearing a pearl jam t-shirt and went over to chat , later discovering he was a great bass player. The dumdums were born! Next thing they knew steve powers (robbie williams producer) was interested in them and they got a record deal with telstars new record label 'good behaviour'!

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