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DJ Escape

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If you've ever heard DJ Escape, then you not only know what an amazing dance DJ he is, you also know that he only mixes some of the freshest songs getting airplay. On his latest conquest, the continuous two-disc set Party Time 2002, he exceeds all expectations. Disc one is a Mecca of perfected remixed house such as "Groovejet" (DJ Spiller), "Runnin'" (Basstoy), and "Keep Control" (Sono). Disc two is loaded to the max with great remixes of songs most of us will have heard such as "Stranger in My House" (Tamia), "Sweet Surrender" (Sarah McLachlan), "You Are Alive" (Fragma), "Feel The Beat" (Darude), "Ordinary World" (Aurora), and "Derb" (Derb). Disc two is like dance religion, and after two full length CDs, trust me, you're going to need all the heavenly help you can get you hands on. Buy this if you're a fan of DJ Escape, if you truly like five or more of the above-listed artists, or if you just want to try a new house collection that doesn't have a remixed version of "Survivor" on it.

It all started when DJ Escape got offered a chance to play on Kool Fm Mids on Saturday mornings between the hours of 9 -11am back in 1996. He can still remember that all he said on his first show was "this is DJ Younga Zone on Kool Fm Mids 105.6". Being on Kool Fm Mids has changed his way of thinking, mostly because as he was the youngest DJ on the radio station he had to prove a lot of people wrong as they all thought it was a phase.

During this time DJ Escape had to make a tough decision and that was to change his name from DJ Younga Zone to DJ Escape. The final thought was made up after listening to some good advice from Pugwash (Joker records). DJ Escape was really keen to prove everyone wrong even more. So he started working at a shop called Basement Beats Records alongside the late & sadly missed G E Real.

DJ Escape had been working at Basement Beats for quite a while then due to certain circumstances he had to then manage the shop on his own. Due to Basement Beats Records being the best Drum 'n' Bass shop in the Midlands it did get really busy at times especially weekends. As this was little too much for DJ Escape to handle on his own that's when he asked his good mate DJ Hazard to give him a hand at the shop. It was around the same time when both of these guys started getting the production side of things sorted especially for Hazard. It wasn't long after that when Basement Beats had close down due to financial difficulties, which was beyond his control.

Label Releases: This minor set back made DJ Escape more determined to progress onto over things and that's when he went onto set up his own record label called 2nd Strike Recs. The first release on 2nd Strike Recs was by DJ Hazard with 2 tracks entitled (You ready & Metallic Blue) this is out now in the shops. At moment the label has now been put on hold until the distribution department is sorted out properly. When DJ Escape gets 2nd Strike Recs label back up & running of course it will feature tracks from himself as well as more tracks from DJ Hazard, DJ Devize & Three A and Twisted Individual in the near future.

Promotions: While his label 2nd Strike Recs is on hold he decided to venture into promoting event's which has become very successful for him. The first event DJ Escape promoted was in Birmingham @ The Blue Print Bar which became so popular that the venue couldn't hold the amount of people attending so it had to move to another location.

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