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Dixie Dregs

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Formed by Steve Morse and Andy West back in 1975, they originally went by the moniker 'The Dixie Grits'(and also had a singer in the band). After the grits broke up, Steve and Andy were the only ones left, hence they became 'The Dixie Dregs'.

A short time later while at the University of Miami, where they were studying in the schools music department, Steve and Andy met up with the superhuman drummer Rod Morgenstein and the nimble fingered ex -Miami Philharmonic violinist Allen Sloan and formed The Dixie Dregs. The band played local bars, mixing Allman Brothers and Mahavishnu Orchestra covers with their own originals until they signed a 3 album deal with Capricorn records in late 1976. This produced the albums 'FreeFall', 'What If' and 'Night Of The Living Dregs'. After this, the band signed with Arista records for three albums, dropping the 'Dixie' from the bands name and becoming 'The Dregs'

The band lineup remained unchanged for the first Demo and 5 albums, with the exception of the Keyboard player. For the final Dregs album 'Industry Standard' Allen Sloan was replaced by Mark O'Connor.

Frank Josephs played keys on 'The Great Spectacular', Steve Davidowski tickled the ivories on 'Freefall', Mark Parrish(A former Dixie Grit) played the keyboards for 'What If' and 'Night Of The Living Dregs' while T Lavitz played on the three albums for Arista Records, 'Dregs Of The Earth' , 'Unsung Heroes' and 'Industry Standard'. By the time 'Industry Standard' came around the band were under pressure to sell more records and even had a couple of vocal tunes on the album. After touring behind this release the band split up, with Andy West becoming involved in the computer Industry and Allen Sloan becoming an Anesthesiologist.(He had already been replaced for the album and subsequent tour by Mark O'Connor). Rod Morgenstein went on to join the 'Steve Morse Band'

When the Dixie Dregs Reformed in 1992 for a tour sponsored by Capricorn records the lineup included Morse(of course) Rod Morgenstein, Allen Sloan, T Lavitz and Dave LaRue(From The SMB) on bass.

This lineup played 7 gigs together and then at the behest of Capricorn records decided to put out a live album to commemorate the occasion. "Bring 'Em Back Alive" was the album and it showed that the Dixie Dregs had lost none of their old spark. Mixing classic Dregs material with well known cover tunes, this album was a breath of fresh air in a rather bleak musical landscape dominated by the anti technique bands of the time.

In 1994, the incredible musical journey continued a step further with the release of "Full Circle" on Capricorn records. A studio album of all new material + 1 cover tune('Shapes Of Things' by the Yardbirds) this modern sounding version of the Dixie Dregs proved that they still had plenty of tricks up their collective sleeves. The lineup this time around included Steve Morse, Rod Morgenstein, T Lavitz, Dave LaRue and former Mahavishnu Orchestra violin player Jerry Goodman.

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