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David Gray

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To watch David Gray play is to witness confidence and determination epitomized. There's a surety to his manner, singing and songs that comes from years of defining and refining his craft, and of patiently waiting for the rest of the world to catch up with him. David was born in Manchester, England in 1968, but raised in Wales. Though not of Celtic heritage himself, growing up in that ancient atmosphere would eventually address his music. He got his start playing in punk bands as a teenager, but after becoming a student at the University of Liverpool, his interest in folk music unfolded. He began to take greater care in the development of his lyrics and melodies. He was already on his way to becoming a first class songwriter.

Between 1993 and 1996 David put out three albums on as many labels: A Century Ends, Flesh and Sell, Sell, Sell. Critically acclaimed, but commercially ignored, he felt he was back at ground zero when he began working in 1998 on the songs that would become White Ladder. But recording in the primitive-but-pressure-free environment of his London living room, encouraged by what he considered a fresh start and that some of the songs were destined for a film score, the music emerged. He released White Ladder in Britain on his own label IHT. Long time fan Dave Matthews heard it and decided it would be the perfect record to launch his new label ATO (According To Our) Records in America.

White Ladder first conquered Ireland and England before reaching American shores, but the single Babylon planted a flag that won't be uprooted. Bolstered by deservedly acclaimed live performances and renewed interest in his earlier work, David finally has the success to match his sense of certainty. White Ladder is certified seven times platinum in the UK with sales of over 2.2 million accrued over more than 100 weeks in the Top 40. In Ireland, at the time of writing, the album has spent 175 weeks on the chart and is the biggest selling, non-compilation album of all time.

Four years on from his last album, White Ladder, David Gray and associates present A New Day At Midnight - 12 world class songs from a small room in south London.

David Gray's Latest release-Life In Slow Motion is the deceptively consummate product of two years of near-constant evolution, described by David as 'the tip of an iceberg' of new material generated along the way. 'It was bloody hard work,' he says. 'Fear and doubt are huge obstacles. In terms of your own work you have to try to overcome them . It would have been so easy to get freaked out but Iım really delighted that I didn't. I did lose the plot at times in some ways, as you do when you're immersed in something and you're kind of craving it stopping, but you can't let go of it either. And this is a document of what happened.'

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