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Culture Beat

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Culture Beat's first appearance took place in 1989, when they got the German dance world shook up with a single "Erdbeermund" (Cherry Lips). Led by producer Torsten Fenslau and featuring Jay Suprmere, a rapper from New Jersey, and a German vocalist Lala E., the group turned into a perfect music production machine. Such hit singles as "I Like You," "Tell Me That You Wait" and "No Deeper Meaning" were released during 1990 - 1991, and established Culture Beat as one of the best dance acts at the time. "I Like You," released in the late 1990 and reached into the Top 5 Billboard dance. The follow-up "No Deeper Meaning," had reached Top 10 dance tracks, and was the last single before "Horizon." When "Horizon," Culture Beat's first album, was released in late 1991, it immediately became an international success, with its songs reaching high positions in European, U.S. and Japan dance music charts.

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