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When sadness becomes a weight on your days and loneliness an alarm in your nights, do you have someone who will listen and maybe help you along?

If you're one of the millions who look to music for meaning, that person might be someone like Scooter Ward, whose performances with COLD have created a bond that's unusual even in the turbulent world of star and fan.

But what if you're on the other side of this picture? What if you're the one singing at arenas night after night, throwing everything you've got through a blaze of stage lights into a dark and hungry room, then leaving to do it again somewhere else tomorrow?

This was Scooter's life, nonstop, for eighteen months, starting when COLD launched a marathon road trek in 2000. His ties to the band are long and tight, but times were especially rough for him during much of this period -- rough enough that he began to seek a kind of connection that even his friends couldn't offer.

And so the search began that would turn COLD's music toward a dramatic new direction, based on a star's decision to believe in his fans as they've believed him.

This is the story behind Year of the Spider, the new COLD album and an extraordinary gesture of trust repaid by an artist to his fans.

COLD will follow the gold success of 2000's 13 Ways To Bleed On Stage with their third album, Year Of The Spider, due out April 29 on Flip/Geffen. Marking their first album with producer Howard Benson (P.O.D.'s current triple platinum Satellite), YEAR OF THE SPIDER brings the emotional turbulence of singer, songwriter and guitarist Scooter Ward more into focus than before, in a distinguished sonic mix that's both moody and melodic. The first single "Stupid Girl," features special guest Rivers Cuomo of Weezer.

On YEAR OF THE SPIDER, COLD turn in inspired performances that chart their artistic growth on songs like "Remedy," "Wasted Years," "Suffocate," "Don't Belong" and "Cure My Tragedy."

COLD's first two albums drew praise from the media. In Alternative Press' "The 100 Best Bands Of 2001" issue, Rob Cherry noted that "Corrosive is the single best word to describe the band, from Scooter Ward's nicotine-marinated baritone to the band's heavily processed guitars. Look beyond the contemporary aggro-rock stylings--that low-tuned, over-turning-car-engine guitar thing and Ward's liberal use of expletives--and you'll discover an art-punk-band dying to support Disintegration-era Cure."

As a live act, COLD are noted for their powerful shows. Beyond their own headlining concerts, they've performed with such artists as Limp Bizkit, Staind, Weezer and Marilyn Manson, and have appeared on such high-profile tours as Anger Management and Tattoo The Earth.

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