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Cevin Fisher

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Cevin has been in and around the music industry ever since he finished high school; his passion for music lured him into the world of Prelude, West-End, Tony Humphries and the Zanzibar... and all-night parties with Whitney Houston. 'When I lived in Jersey, she had these huge parties, remembers Cevin. 'It was my first experience of partying through to the next day, you know, still dancing as the sun comes up. It was pretty wild.'

In the last two years, Cevin the DJ has toured the world twice over, performing at underground clubs and massive venues in cities throughout Britain, Europe, Asia and North America. There's one thing that prevails in the life of Cevin Fisher. 'Music is my life' he states. 'When I'm in the studio or at the turntables, a world of thoughts are going through my head. Sometimes I get very emotional when I'm DJ'ing! The fact is, music can do incredible things, like heal a broken heart... or bring peace to a soul in need! That's one of the reasons I like being a DJ so much. I kind of need it. Music is my food, my medicine'.

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