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Who is Buckethead? That question has been puzzling scientists, fans, conspiracy theorists, Scully & Mulder, and tabloid journalists for years. Some reports say that Buckethead is an android, possibly from another planet. Others say that he is just another alien. Conspiracy theorists have wondered if Buckethead is actually Steve Vai or Paul Gilbert in disguise.

I can assure you that none of these theories are true. If you look and listen carefully you'll find the clues. In one of his Guitar Player articles it says that he is half man/half chicken! On "Welcome to Bucketheadland" you can hear a voice saying, "Buckethead was raised in a chicken coop by chickens." Another clue: he wears a chicken bucket on his head (as if I needed to tell you). If you look around you'll see countless references to chickens and coops.

Now that we've put that question to rest, let's look at some background information. As a young Bucket, he was a part of the notorious Deli Creeps with Maximum Bob, Pinchface, and Tony (aka Gerald Chung Lo, aka Kid Quick). Although from the Los Angeles area, the Creeps picked up a following in the San Francisco Bay Area. From there Buckethead's amazing playing and totally unique style caught the attention of some heavy hitters. Bassist/producer Bill Laswell and P-Funk legend Bootsy Collins became aware of The Man With The Bucket through Limbomaniacs drummer Brain. This led to the formation of Praxis

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