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We're not concerned with trends or being the next big thing." Given the fact that BUCK-O-NINE's music comes straight from the soul and that they have spent the past five years building a dedicated following, anything and everything seems possible for the future. "We hold a deep respect for our musical forefathers, like The Clash and The Specials as well as the pioneers of this genre such as Operation Ivy, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Voodoo Glow Skulls... being a part of this whole musical history brings a satisfaction that words can not describe," says sax player Craig Yarnold.

Buck-O-Nine has been a part of San Diego's diverse music scene for over 4 years. Blending the sounds of ska, punk, reggae and more, they have strived to create a unique sound which has been captured on two full-length albums; 1994's "Songs in the Key of Bree", and 1995's "Barfly" (both on Taang! Records). Buck-O-Nine also has a 5-song e.p. entitled "Water in My Head" also available on Taang! Records. In addition to recording and playing locally for the past 4 years, the band has been touring extensively since 1994; touring the U.S. 7 times, as well as playing in Japan. The guys recently signed a recording contract with New York City's TVT Records in early 1996 and a new Buck-O-Nine record is scheduled for release in early 1997.

Buck-O-Nine's lineup includes Jonas Kleiner on guitar, Scott Kennerly on bass, Steve Bauer on drums, Jon Pebsworth, vocals, Dan Albert on trombone, Tony Curry on trumpet, and Craig Yarnold on sax. Although the band's sound is firmly rooted in ska, they have always attempted to cross musical boundaries. This has led the band to tour with acts such as Agent Orange, MU330, Suicide Machines, and The Specials. As 1997 approaches, the world of popular music is warming up to the sounds of ska and to the exciting ways in which ska can be interwoven with other great styles of music to bring fresh, uplifting sounds to the listener's ears. Buck- O-Nine is glad to be part of a music scene that for the past many years has always been lurking out there in the underground, as band after band has worked hard to bring music to an audience always looking for something new and exciting.

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