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Box Car Racer

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When was Box Car Racer conceived? Tom started to put the music and lyrics to paper after the summer blink-182 tour, but he had been playing around with the song ideas for a couple of years. All of the songs started as acoustic tracks, but when it came time to record, Travis' drumming added a new element and the tracks became electric and heavier.

When/where did Travis record his drum parts? Hollywood's Larrabee West from October 29 through November 3, 2001.

When/where did Tom record vocals, guitar and bass? Mid-November through the end of January '02 at San Diego's Signature Sound.

When did David come in to record his guitar parts? David was at the studio throughout the entire recording process and switched off with Tom as the songs dictated.

Who produced/engineered/mixed the record? Produced by Jerry Finn, engineered by Joe McGrath, Rich Costey.

Who played keyboards on the record? Roger Manning.

Are there any guest appearances on the record? Mark Hoppus guest vocals on "Elevator." Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory and Tim Armstrong of Rancid lend vocals to "Cat Like Thief."

Who is going to play bass live for the band? Anthony Celestino.

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