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Andrew W. K.

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Born: 1959-1979, California, USA. Raised: 1939-1949, Michigan, USA. Lives: 1993-1999, Florida, USA.

In 1939 a man named James Edward was born to father, Steven Michael Andrews and mother, Kristine Williams - a daughter was also born. It was in midst of World War 2, and the country had rebounded from the hard economic struggle of the Great Depression. Two long years later the War was over, the country was stronger than it ever had been. After such hardship people were left without anything but their hearts and their courage. They had been through the worst. The world was ready for something strong and new. Advance to 1949- a woman was born, Wendy Louise. The country was flourishing in the wealth of the new economy. A virtual horn of plenty had opened into the arms of the working family.

Andrew was born in between the moments of 12:01 and 34:89. The time would not stop until baby breathed. Time would stand still until baby lived. The letter "W" was, is, and always will be the world of strength and unity - the shape of 2 arms locked in unyielding power. Like a steel cabled bridge that remains sturdy even in the strongest winds, but has the ability to snap, break, blind, and crumble into the black boiling ice cold sea waters - at will. All of the machines rebuild the steel stronger than before - and it will never go away.

The letter "K" was, is, and always will be the consumption of the universe. The continuos symbol of greater than, less than, always level. To burn out the passion which fills up each returning day until they don't return. It is too rare to concede. No shame or guilt. The bravest people do have fear, it is the courage to slam that fear which makes them brave. We posses a brain - huge amounts of power - untapped. Let it black out. Let go into the void. Reach into it. A true superstructure. A condominium. Our brains are far more complex and versatile than any billion-dollar computer system invented by man. The achievements in work today have been committed to programming their own lives. Have you ever noticed that before you lie down to close your eyes you actually battle wars against resting. Visualization, inspiration, concentration. DO WHAT EVER YOU WANT! NEVER LET DOWN! LIFE IS TOO SHORT! NO REGRETS! LIVE HARD!

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