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Alice Deejay

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The name Alice Deejay is on the tip of everybody's tongue. Earlier this year, 'Better Off Alone' emerged from the dancefloor and took the nation by storm. It is not uncommon for 'one-hit wonders' to appear and vanish in the twinkling of an eye. Not Alice Deejay.

Alice Deejay are here to stay.

The face and undoubtedly the stunning vocal talent of Alice Deejay is Judy, the driving creative force behind the act. Judy lives and breathes the scene that transformed her life from an early age. From her first experiences at the legendary Roxy in Amsterdam to the clubs that Judy enjoys around the world with Alice Deejay, the scene has had explosive effects on her music and her life - she lives to party and the party lives for her.

She met the rest of the act whilst at a party she was DJing at in Holland. Judy was just finishing her set when she dropped her favourite tune Jason Nevins' 'It's Like That'. Judy loves to dance, and couldn't resist but leave the decks and join the party on the dancefloor. She found herself dancing with in a group of club-girls and together they tore the dancefloor apart. 'There was this connection', Judy explains, 'When we turned to each other on the dancefloor and started to move together, it was magical. I felt like I was Alice In Wonderland, and this was going to be the beginning of an amazing adventure for all of us!

Judy believes that through music she can let go of everything, and in turn she wants whoever listens to Alice Deejay to do the same. She has absorbed the fairy-tale energy she felt when the girls first met and wants to let everyone that dances to her music feel the same way she felt when she met her best friends on that dancefloor in Holland.

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