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.38 Special

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Since the release of their debut album in 1977, 38 Special has created a musical legacy that appeals to many generations. With gold and platinum albums, Top 10 hits, and sold-out stadium tours to their credit, 38 Special has broken the Southern Rock mold and established themselves as a classic American rock-and-roll band. In the 90s, however, traditional rock-and-roll has taken a back seat to such new genres as rap, grunge, alternative, gothic, ska, and industrial. Still, 38 Special, like a chameleon, continually adapts to the diverse musical environment. Rather than rest on their laurels, they chose to continue their artistic journey by pushing for unique means to express themselves. The result is Resolution, their most creative effort to date. This album reflects the wisdom and insight that only comes from maturity, with lyrics that are as sensitive and thought provoking as they are dynamic and soulful. "It's just another different way of presenting another song from 38 Special," vocalist Donnie Van Zant told Herald and Review in 1997. "If we did the same thing over and over and over again, or like we did five years ago, it would be very boring for us. And I think as writers and musicians, we have matured."

Vocalist and guitarist Don Barnes agrees. "The more you explore paths that are not necessarily familiar, the more you can learn about the craft of songwriting. Believe me, it's a very insecure place to be when you are constantly challenged to understand what you don't know. But a good writer HAS to experiment with new ways of expression so he won't become stale." With immense talent and unwavering persistence on their side, 38 Special will be making music for years to come. "We'll just continue to grow and evolve into better songwriters, whether writing for 38 or collaborating with other artists," Barnes says. "And we will always tour if the fans are still with us. As long as it's still fun, we'll continue to do it. It's a great life to be able to see happy faces every night because of music that you've created. You can really take pride in what you do."

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