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Chonda Pierce

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Chonda Pierce is a speaker, comedian, author, preacher's daughter, wife, mother of two and singer. The author of Second Row, Piano Side and It's Always Darkest Before the Fun Comes Up, she has recorded three audio and video products, including her recently released Having a Girls' Nite Out. Chonda has made numerous appearances in the world-famous Grand Ole Opry, on the 700 Club, and on Nashville Network's Music City Tonight. She has appeared in crusades with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Team; with Mark Lowry on the Comic Belief Tour; on several Bill Gather Homecoming videos; at numerous Women of Faith and Aspiring Women Conferences; and in her own Having a Girls' Nite Out national tour.

Is she a "Christian comedian?" If so, her talent hasn't been limited to the church crowd; she often performs for corporate conventions and events, NASCAR chapels, on national television and the occasional comedy club. "I'm a Christian, period," says Chonda. "I want to do my craft to the best of my ability and live my life in such a way that makes people want to know more."

Comedy is the very thing that Chonda Pierce uses to risk vulnerability, to be transparent about her life in a way that allows for healing in the hilarity. Through all the personal tragedy in her life, Chonda made peace with God, "I'm living proof of that verse that God works things for good," says Chonda.

In her disarming, genuine, and completely captivating manner, Chonda Pierce tells stories that let you in on the darkest times of her life, and show you how her gracious, loving God redeemed those moments with the gentle warmth of healing and hope. "I'd really rather not have a testimony like that," she says. "I'd rather be able to talk and laugh with my sisters. But if that had to happen, I'm glad to see what God does when you're willing to tell your story."

Chonda says she cries every time she tells her own story. "I cry because it never gets old, talking about someone you miss and adore. What I cry over is that God is still faithful when our lives are such a wreck. If we allow him to, he'll use everything.

These days, there are more funny women than ever - in comedy clubs, on TV, in the movies - who have the talent to make an audience laugh out loud. It's that rare woman who can be encouraging as she is entertaining, as warm and wise as she is witty, but Chonda Pierce is all that and much more. In a culture of cynicism, Chonda offers a solid, serious take on herself and our world without taking either too seriously. "I would like to say that God appeared to me and said, 'Go, ye, and be funny'," she says. "But it was more than that. I believe that we should all aspire to impact the world with what we do," she laughs, as she often does while telling her story. "And when I started enjoying talking to people rather than singing to 'em, that was a pretty good clue to me."

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