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Blake Clark

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A veteran of 22 Tonight Shows and of Vietnam. Vietnam was harder but he claims to have killed more communists on "The Tonight Show." Blake can currently be seen this television season on three ABC Television sitcoms in recurring roles. On "Home Improvement" he portrays Harry the Hardware Store Owner, on "The Drew Caret Show" he plays Jules, the weird next door neighbor and on "Boy Meet World" he plays Chet Hunter, father of one of the lead characters, Shawn. In addition, Blake recently signed a development deal with HBO to star in his own television series.

Born in Macon, Georgia, the son of a coach, Blake never achieved the level of proficiency in athletics that his father hoped he would achieve. In fact, he claims the closest he ever got to being good in baseball is once he thought he had Lou Gehrig's Disease.

He enjoys cooking, camping, reading, travelling and performing comedy. His stand-up act is a mixture of angst about being a white Anglo Saxon heterosexual middle class American male in a world that seems to hate all those things, and a strong environmental message contained within his repeating sentiment, "It's Time To Thin The Herd." He is not conservative nor is he overly liberal. What he says he is, is tolerant and nonjudgmental. Something, he claims, that neither liberals nor conservatives seem to be able to emulate.

He has appeared on countless television situation comedies including "Roseanne," "Grace Under Fire" and "Designing Women." In addition, he has appeared in over 15 feature films including "Toys," "St. Elmo's Fire," "Johnny Handsome," "Fatal Instinct," "Ladybugs," and "The Mask." He claims that although he has yet to gain fame and fortune, he knows a lot of rich, famous people. In fact he claims, kiddingly, that he has worked hard at remaining anonymous. "Some people do a couple of 'Tonight Shows' and bam! They're on the cover of People. I've done twenty-two 'Tonight Shows,' two HBO Comedy Specials and nobody knows how I am. That takes work."

Constantly trying to break new ground comedically, Blake continues to strive to come up with new fresh ideas and new twists on topics and outlooks. He is currently working on a one man show entitled "Smite the Sounding Furrows" which is a quote from Tennyson's Ulysses, in which he depicts the determination of the aging Ulysses not to rust in disuse in his waning years.

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