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Justin Wilson Tonight

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"HOW YA'LL ARE? I'm glad you got to see me, I guarantee."

Southern Humorist and Cajun Chef Justin Wilson was a favorite at corporate events, performing at an average of 300 corporate functions per year between 1962 and 1992. He appeared on Hee Haw, Hollywood Squares, Ed Sullivan, Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, and David Letterman. He hosted three cooking shows, broadcast in every country in the world.

Entertaining, versatile, and authentic in every detail . . . Lyndon Arledge's JUSTIN WILSON TONIGHT channels the famous southern humorist on your stage. Featuring Wilson's hilarious wit and wisdom, this show is guaranteed solid entertainment. Traveling nationally and internationally, Arledge has performed for large conventions like Decade Software's Train-Con—an international environmental health training conference—as well as numerous performing arts centers and universities.

Special JUSTIN WILSON TONIGHT events include Jambalaya cooked by the performer following Justin Wilson's own recipe. This show just could be the highlight of your special event.

Lyndon Arledge, a friend of Wilson's, has been a stage actor for over 30 years. After a successful 12 year run on the east coast as Comedian Lou Orleans and starring in the one-man off-Broadway show, MEET RICHARD NIXON, Lyndon Arledge—a classically trained actor and popular South Louisiana radio personality—revived the famed Cajun humorist's stage performance in this Broadway-style one-man show.

When the New Orleans Times-Picayune asked him why, Arledge said, "Justin Wilson was a friend of mine, but he died while I was in California. Years later, visiting family in Louisiana, I drove to Port Vincent and asked a local police officer where his grave was. On a plane to Louisiana, a guy told a joke. I asked if he knew that was a Justin Wilson story. In both instances, their response was the same: Justin who? My goal with these shows is to make sure no one asks that question again."

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