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*THE PEOPLE WHISPERER* - Dr. Charles Eminizer

To book artists and talent such as *THE PEOPLE WHISPERER* - Dr. Charles Eminizer for your corporate event, private party, fundraiser, or club, just use our Talent Request Form or Contact us.
This "Mentalist" has a Fortune Teller toolkit. His toolkit consists of: Handwriting Reading/analysis (his specialty), Biblical Astrology expertise (aka. Sidereal, Persian, Vedic). Chinese Astrology expertise, Biblical Numerology expertise (aka. Chaldean), Palm reading expertise (reading both sides of the hands, Dowsing rods, Tarot cards (the Astrology layout for clarity [uses 4 blank cards to indicate a clean slate or nothing going on]). Intuitive ability, lots & lots of Super Nature education. A smile and a sense of humor to entertain, comfort and console (laughter is the 3rd) best doctor any person can have. But he is at his best from a stage, and can have the audience yell out their birth dates to him and he then tells them all about themselves.

He has 25 different costumes for various event themes, including his infamous "Confucius" the Chinese philosopher for New Year events (or his "Grand Daddy Time").

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