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Bob Faith

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Looking for an interactive and hilarious show to enhance your corporate or private event? Bob Faith, master stage hypnotist is the solution!

Bob has rocked audiences throughout the US for over 20 years, providing unique, high-energy comedy hypnosis shows and amazing therapeutic suggestions used by college students, athletes and reforming-smokers alike with tremendous success!

Hilarious Entertainment-- Bob Faith performs his comedy hypnotism shows for an amazingly wide range of audiences, providing customized shows to dazzle any group and keep them entranced! Performing for colleges, corporations,fairs, nightclubs, private parties, benefits and fundraisers, Bob's shows are sure to have the crowd roaring with laughter and on the edge of their seats to see what happens next! Brilliantly captivating and entertaining a variety of audiences with amazing, hilarious and creative shows, Bob consistently combines the mystery of comedy stage performance with Master-level hypnotism. Audiences invite Bob Faith back time and again.

College Students, Athletes, And More-- In addition to his stunning comedy stage performances, Bob Faith has worked with thousands of college students to help them develop better study habits and to deal with anxiety constructively. Similarly, Bob has worked with numerous athletes in various sports, assisting them in channeling anxiety by using positive outlets to achieve (and often exceed) their desired goals. He has also worked extensively to help people with weight and smoking problems.

History Bob Faith began his eclectic hypnotism career practicing hypnosis in Vietnam in 1969, working with a psychiatrist treating soldiers for post-traumatic stress syndrome. He went on to obtain his diploma as a Hypnotist and Master Hypnotist and is a Certified Hypnotherapist. Bob is also a registered nurse, specializing in critical care. Complemented with a background in psychology, Bob works with college students, athletes in a wide variety of sports, and also works extensively to help people with weight and smoking problems. Bob Faith's psychology background and his diverse frame of reference, coupled with his innate sense of humor and energetic stage presence, introduced him with great success as America's Hottest Hypnotist!!!

Add some excitement to your next event and create a unique experience your attendees will remember forever. Call master-level hypnotist Bob Faith today at 480.898.1632!

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