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The J.O.B.

To book artists and talent such as The J.O.B. for your corporate event, private party, fundraiser, or club, just use our Talent Request Form or Contact us.
The J.O.B. (The Jim O'Ferrell Band) is the real thing, the new sound of modern americana rock music. No juke box covers... The J.O.B. is all original.

A genuine warrior-poet, Jim O'Ferrell formed the band upon returning from combat as an infantryman in Iraq in 2008. The band's core is Jim O'Ferrell and Jason Crawford. Jim is the acoustic guitar player, vocalist, and sole songwriter. Jason Crawford plays the electric guitar and crafts all the lead guitar work. Some talented drummers and bassists have collaborated with The J.O.B. on various projects with a few appearing on the credits of the band's discography.

The band has an energetic modern rock sound with an americana pulse that everyone can listen to.

"...a sound that sucks you along like the tailwind of a Mack truck. It leaves any crowd wondering what hit 'em." - Sara Metz (Metz Productions)

"For these folks, not expressing themselves through music would be ludicrous, and it shows in the passion and dedication that's infused into every note of their songs." - Ryan Mason (Magazine33)

The J.O.B. is available for tours, festivals, and live performances worldwide.

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