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Shazman was born Shazam Khan on the 24th of November 1982 in Skeldon, Guyana. He and his elder brother grew up in a small village Crabwood Creek with his mother and grandparents in complete absence of their father. His mother was always out working to provide for the entire family. “There we were, in the heart of poverty, but momma tried her best”, he says. At age 7, after the death of his grandparents, his mother made the difficult choice to move to Europe in search for a better life. She ended up in The Netherlands. A difficult task it was, for her children were still in Guyana. He moved to The Netherlands at the age of 12 where he began to write poetry and songs.

Being inspired by his mom who was very fund of poetry, at age 14, Shaz started to write songs & poetry about his childhood days in Guyana. Not long after his arrival, he became friends with some local rappers who were trying to make it in the music business with whom he collaborated and did a lot of promo shows.

After being heard by Casablanca Connect, a local DJ/artist who was working on his first album at the time, he was asked to do a collaboration. The song they did, "Hot Gal", was distributed by “Club Vernes” as a promotional single for the club. He eventually recorded 4 tracks with Casablanca Connect as featuring artist on his promo CD.

In 2002 he linked with artist Rizky Rough who was already signed and worked along side producer Chief Rubio & Phantom Loc who were most familiar with the reggae/urban vibes that Shazman was seeking at the time.

His music was played by the best DJ's in the club scene all over The Netherlands and slowly Shazman started to be recognized. The people embraced him because of his energetic performance and charming character. He performed in all major cities & many local clubs throughout the Netherlands until he moved to Florida in 2010 where upon arrival he was introduced to the Orlando crowd at Club Limelite by Dj Reconn of 102 Jamz.

He recently performed at Club Prana and at the Black Heritage festival where the crowd was astonished by the energy and showed much enthusiasm. At present, Shazman is working on this first album. Working with European producers like Chief Rubio, Phantom Loc & Dakta D, he's determined to create an album with reggae crossover to various music genres that has never been heard before. His songs "Love Dem” & "Mystery Lady" has now been launched in the US and is already creating a buzz. He has recently been nominated for the Hollywood Music In Media Award as best reggae and will be performing amongst music veterans Earth, Wind & Fire, Ziggy Marley and many more on May 1st, 2011 at Sunfest 2011 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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