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Mac "Standing Bear" Lopez

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Mac Lopez Native American Flute Player/ Maker & Concert Producer

When examining the anatomy of an artist one needs to understand how he or she got from there to here. Artist usually experience more life than non artist….higher highs….lower lows. They’ve endured more and been faced with bigger barriers to overcome. The ones whose creativity touches our hearts are blessed with the spiritual strength that not only frees them to overcome, but to soar. At his lowest point Mac was haunted by his experiences in Vietnam and suffered from PTSD which in turn led him to self destructive behavior. It was his sober recovery & marriage to Brigitte that most likely saved him from himself during the difficult days.

He hasn’t forgotten what he witnessed in Vietnam, but it no longer haunts him day and night. Mac is a product of W. Shoshone, S. Cherokee & Mayan roots. Brigitte is of Cherokee ancestry, and an exceptionally gifted artist, she had the ability to look deep into Mac’s eyes when he was at his lowest ebb and recognize something worth saving for a lifetime. She stuck around, dodged the “bullets” and outlasted the hard times. Today Mac is not just a respected Native American flute player, he is a prayer giver with every song he plays.

He is a concept artist, as can be seen through his most recent CD collaboration with Brian McNulty entitled “Circle of Harmony”. This CD is very unique in that it is based on songs played in 5th harmony flute duets that correspond in key to the “Seven Chakras” of the human body….songs of healing. More than a musician, Mac makes his own flutes and has a reputation for representing only the very best and well respected Native American flute makers of our time. Brigitte enhances Mac’s flutes through her art of wood carving (known as relief carvings) and highly detailed wood burned images, crushed stone inlay work and paintings. But first and foremost,

Mac brings life to these beautiful instruments every time he breathes, every song a prayer for peace, for family, for those who have gone before and for all living things to which Mac and all of us are related and connected to.

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