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N.G.'s a hip-hop and RnB artist with that tinge of pop that keeps his records alive. N.G. knows how to step up to the mic the right way.

He has the talent of a veteran at only 14. He can put the drive into any event and knows how to get things started and keep em' fired up.

Every Hustla has his One Day. His One Moment. N.G. isn’t every hustla.

Born a hustla November 5th, 1995 in Brooklyn, New York, N.G. is one of the youngest artists touchin’ down in the game to date. Raised in Jersey and now based in the UK, N.G.’s gone through more than the average street thug. “My Story” N.G.’s debut single hit major stores and sold in the thousands in the first few months after it’s release. “I skipped the mixed tapes and blew past bars in the underground unlike many other biggies before me. I’m the New, and that’s exactly what I’m gone be.”

“Passion” his debut album is highly anticipated within the N.G.M. crew and buy his strong fan base, and for good reason. “Passion” Including hit single, “With The Same Heart” is going to show some of N.G.’s pure rap and R&B talent all in one. “Aight, so Passion is just one piece of the puzzle, all put together to get the bigger picture. And once you got all the pieces. Then it’s your turn to put em’ all in the right in the place.”

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