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O.N.E. M.O.B.

To book artists and talent such as O.N.E. M.O.B. for your corporate event, private party, fundraiser, or club, just use our Talent Request Form or Contact us.
O.N.E. M.O.B. is the past present and future of street oriented rap music. They don't fall into any one genre of the medium. They are skilled in every subgenre of hip hop. Their members range from 16 to 29. They are not just a rap group but an entire movement.They have songs with mainstream artists like Bone Thugz and Harmony and Beeda Weeda. They currently have the single "She Got It" blazin a radio station near you. You can find them at or They are on Rhapsody, Itunes, and many other of the most popular sites. There music is refreshing and authentic in this day and age of cookie cutter artists. You can contact them at 530 354 2844 or 678 691 5236 or 530 712 0192. They also give a hell of a stage performance and I would suggest booking them. Their album "The Stimulus Plan" is a certified classic to those who have listened to it. They live by the motto "MOB OR ELSE" similar to to 2pacs me against the world.

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