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Los Aires Trio

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Doddie Ponciano, the group band leader was a former composer and recording artist. He had won an entry titled “Likas na Yaman” at the 1990 Earth Day Song Festival. As the rhythm guitar player of the group, his absence during performances cant complete the groups’ numerous repertoire of Spanish, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Latin and contemporary Pop songs. His management of the group in trio, duo or quartet has made the group expertise quite concentrated to 90’s , 80’s, 70’s and sown to Aquarian era. Like other group member he can also handle other instruments.

Rudy Angus handles the double base guitar has performed Zamboanga Restaurant, Shangri-la Hotel – Malaysia, Capitol Tokyo Hotel,Manila Manila Midtown Hotel, Via Mare, Kamayan, Mexican Embassy. His masterpieces includes famous Chinese songs, Italian and Spanish songs of which, are yet a few of his repertoire for almost 28 years as a musician.

Other group members who have joined Los Aires were Jimmy Salonga, Socrates, Noel Estrera, Allan Martinez, and Fabian Villaruel. They are well-travelled performers from different parts of Asia namely Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Marilyn Suarez, the baby vocalist of Los Aires (official band/group) Her similar performance of Maria Dolores Praperas’ latin masterpieces, she sings of no difference like Gloria Estefan brazilian diva and whose voice is as flexible as Pilita Corrales and Karen Carpenter, the sole female member has captured most of the audience applauses and admiration during performances at Il-Ponticello Rest., Discovery Suites, Guernicas Spanish rest., Discovery Suites, Guernicas Spanish restaurant, Canadian Embassy and others. Her bossa-novic aura helped her to perform songs popularized by Sergio Mendez, Astrud Gilberto, Kevyn Letau , Micheal Bubble, Ive Mendez and Jodi Brooke Wilson.

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